Are Kyle Bush and Richard Childers about to shock the NASCAR world?

Are Kyle Bush and Richard Childress about to set the NASCAR world on fire?

If you read tea leaves, listen closely and do some deductive reasoning, you may actually be able to convince yourself of that.

Two-time Cup Series champion Bosch has been in contract negotiations all summer with his current team, Joe Gibbs Racing.

We don’t know what those negotiations entailed (well, at least you don’t…maybe, but I can’t tell you!). We don’t know if they advanced, stopped, or if they actually got off the ground in the first place.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tweetstorm fuel Kyle Bush’s NASCAR . speculation

All we know is that Bush resident She doesn’t have a flight for next season, longtime sponsor M&Ms is leaving NASCAR for good in a few months, and time is quickly running out for the 2022 season.

After the race weekend in Kansas, there are only eight weeks left before the end of November 6 in Phoenix.

So, yes… the Bush situation will need to be resolved soon.

Kyle Bush and Joe Gibbs have been at odds all summer. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Richard Childress asked about Kyle Bush

So, what does any of this have to do with Childress? Well, the old owner was asked about Busch a few weeks ago in Daytona and he didn’t shoot anything.

“Kyle is a great racing driver,” Childress said. “He is a great racing driver. He will land him on a good ride somewhere for sure.”

NASCAR returns to North Wilkesboro to race its 23rd All-Star for the first time in nearly 30 years

Then, of course, came the follow-up question.

“Will he be in the Richard Childress race?” Someone asked.

“I said that, I didn’t,” Childress replied.

not exactly “No way, you idiot. Not ‘Sure, we love Kyle! ” also.

. That was two weeks ago there hasn’t been any movement on the contract front since then, and Bush was asked about it a dozen times during matchday media last week and gave us the old line, “When I know, you’ll know.”

Richard Childress and Tyler Riddick may have a few things to work on. (Photo by Meg Olivant/Getty Images)

23XI Racing, favorite RCR to land on NASCAR Champion Kyle Busch

Come on, Kyle. You should know that Twitter detectives aren’t going to let this go, right?

Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern restarted the rumor mill earlier this week, saying that RCR was one of the favorites to land on Busch…along with 23XI Racing.

On paper, these two teams certainly seem to be the most obvious.

RCR has two cars in the stable, but one of those seats is about to open after next season when Tyler Riddick leaves eighth to join 23XI Racing.

It’s been well documented that Childress wasn’t happy with the way this situation was handled earlier this summer, so it makes sense that he’d like to move Reddick before next season.

However, these things are a lot easier said than done – especially with those pesky contracts involved.

Maybe Childress is trying to buy Reddick? Maybe add a third car to the team? Maybe he’s trying to sign Busch for 2024 and leave it up to him to find a flight for next season?

Talking about …

Could Kyle Busch Join Michael Jordan’s NASCAR Team? (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Can Kurt Bosch’s seat be unlocked in 23XI Racing?

23XI Racing, the team owned by Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, will likely have an open seat for next season as well.

And it just so happens to be currently occupied by Kyle’s brother.

Kurt Bosch has not raced since July as he continues to recover from a concussion at Pocono, and it looks like he will miss the rest of the season. He is said to have already signed during the next season, but that is no longer a guarantee of what it was two months ago.

what if kurt no Back next season? That leaves the #45 Toyota open to either A) Reddick to jump a year earlier than planned, or B) Busch to drive for one season before the possibility of switching seats with Reddick in 2024.

It’s all speculation now, though Childress’ comments at Daytona, along with the aforementioned news, seem to narrow the possibilities down one touch.

Who do you know? Perhaps another mysterious team pounces at 11 o’clock? College Racing and Stewart Haas come to mind, though post-retirement Eric Almerola 180 might put that to bed.

Maybe Busch and Gibbs will fix things up, heal wounds, and come to an agreement for next season and beyond? It seems unlikely at this point—especially with Gibbs’ grandson, Ty Gibbs, waiting in the wings—but never say never.

Maybe Bosch will shock us all, win a championship this season and decide to retire? Talk about a bomb.

Everything seems to be on the table now, and the clock is ticking.

If you read between the lines, the RCR-23XI Racing rumor surely has some legs.

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