56 facts and tales from the history of the Super Bowl

thirty-third Cincinnati is the fifth team since 2000 to go from bottom to top in the division and reach the Super Bowl in the same season. Three of the four previous teams that have done so — the 2017 Eagles, 2009 Saints and 2001 Patriots — have won the Super Bowl:

season | team | Super Bowl | Previous season record

2021 | Cincinnati Bengals | Super Bowl LVI | 4-11-1 in 2020

2017 | Philadelphia Eagles * | Super Bowl LII | 7-9 in 2016

2009 | New Orleans Saints * | Super Bowl XLIV | 8-8 in 2008

2003 | Carolina Panthers | Super Bowl XXXVIII | 7-9 in 2002

2001 | New England Patriots * | Super Bowl XXXVI | 5-11 in 2000

thirty-four A Cincinnati win on Sunday would give the Bengals their first championship in their 54-year history. This is the longest drought in NFL history since the team’s inception. The previous longest run of seasons before their first NFL (or AFL) title was won by the New Orleans Saints, who defeated Indianapolis in Super Bowl XLIV in their 43rd year of existence.

XXXV – Linebacker/long snapper Steve DeOssie (Super Bowl XXV) and long snapper Zak DeOssie (XLII and XLVI) both won the Super Bowls with the Giants, and are the only father/son to win the match with the same team.

XXXVI – Of the 55 Super Bowl MVP awards, quarterbacks have won 31 trophies, including two from Eli Manning and one from Simms. Another Giant best running back was Otis Anderson at Super Bowl XXV. Dallas quarterback Chuck Hawley, MVP of Super Bowl V, was the only player on the losing team to win the award.

thirty-seventh The team with the most yards in the Super Bowl is 41-14. That’s no consolation for the Chiefs, who outperformed Tampa Bay by 10 yards last year.

thirty-eight- The Giants’ victory over Buffalo on the 25th and the Rams’ victory over Tennessee on the 34th are the only Super Bowls in which neither team has made a spin.

XXXIX – The team with the most yards in the Super Bowl is 29-26.

XL – When the New England Rams defeated the Super Bowl LIII, Patriots player Sonny Michelle scored the game’s only touchdown over two yards. Michelle has been a frontrunner in Los Angeles this season and is one of two Rams in the Super Bowl episode. The other is linebacker Von Miller, who was the top player in the game when Denver beat Carolina in Super Bowl 50. None of the Bengals have ever won a Super Bowl, and Ricardo Allen, who played for Atlanta in Super Bowl LI, is the only Bengal to have previously appeared in the game.

XLI – Kick-back returns in the first 55 Super Bowl: 446. Kick-back returns in the first 55 Super Bowl: 239. Kick-back landing: 0.

forty-second Eight former assistant coaches for the Giants have led teams to the Super Bowls as head coaches. Six of the eight have won at least one Super Bowl. Former Giants assistant coaches ranged in age from 15 to 10 as head coaches in the Super Bowls.

name | Giants assistant | Team(s) Super Bowl

Bill Belichick | 1979-90 | New England: XXXVI, XXXVIII, XXXIX, XLII, XLVI, XLIX, LI, LII, LIII (6-3)

Tom Coughlin | 1988-90 | Giants: XLII, XLVI (2-0)

Jim Fassel | 1991-92 | Giants: XXXV (0-1)

John Fox | 1997-2001 | Carolina: xxxviii; Denver: 48th (0-2)

Tom Landry | 1954-59 | Dallas: V, VI, X, XII, XIII (2-3)

Vince Lombardi | 1954-58 | Green Bay: 1, 2 (2-0)

Bill Parcells | 1979, 1981-82 | Giants: XXI, XXV; The Patriots: Thirty-first (2-1)

Sean Payton | 1999-2002 | New Orleans: XLIV (1-0)

forty-third The team with the most yards in the Super Bowl is 41-13 (New England and Atlanta both rushed for 104 yards in Super Bowl LI).

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