4-star Jock Harris marks the first two official visits; Dive into recruitment

Jock Harris’ four-star premiere didn’t come until May of this year; He is now claiming 25. He averaged 23.1 points and led the Salisbury (North Carolina) High team to the third round of the state playoffs last season.

“I feel like I can score on all three levels,” Harris told On3. “I can play in defense and control the tempo of the game by handling the ball. I will see a lot of Devin Booker, his ability to hit big shots and get into positions on the ground.”

The On3 was the first to earn the rank of 6-foot-6 shooting guard two months ago, and is now the 53rd player in the industry-record 2024 On3 consensus. On3 met up with Jock Harris at an open gym this week to talk about his enlistment.

I have my first official visit Houston Harris said. I have an official visit to Tennessee On the 14th of October

Harris sets hits

Houston: “They’re always in touch with me. They make sure I know I’m the main guy they want, the best guy in the 2024 class. They play for free. They let their guys play plays. If I go there, I feel like I can do what I’m doing.”

Tennessee: “They make sure I know I’m their top priority in 2024. Coach (Rick) Barnes And the Coach (Justin) Jayne Always call me on Zoom calls and Facetime calls, check me in; See how school and exercises are going.

Harris talks about potential visits

“I also talk a lot with Wake ForestAnd the VirginiaAnd the Virginia TechAnd the South FloridaHarris said. “These are the main schools I talk to about formal and informal visits.”

Virginia: “Coach (Tony) Bennett You just came last week to see me in action. He tells me that I am one of the main players and I fit their playing style. They told me how their organization works.”

Virginia Tech: “I went on a casual visit, and they showed me how they play and how they saw me playing in their system. They have a nice campus. I’ve never seen this before. Their strength coach also stood out to me.”

Wake Forest: “Coach (Steve) Forbes It was twice already. He texts me daily, checks in. He thinks I’m a perfect fit for their system and with what they’re doing.”

USF: “Coach (Larry) Dixon Came early in the morning last week. says in South Florida; There is nothing to do but improve.”

or not, Arkansas And the Florida Harris said. “Those are really the two main ones I’ve talked to that haven’t made their offer yet.”

Take Harris

“I want to play,” Harris said. “I know I will have to come and earn my place, but I want to take the opportunity to go in and play. Winning matches is important to me too, I want to play for a strong coach who will hold me accountable, and I know I will improve.

“I’m going to take a good look at the academic side. I want to major in sports medicine or something, so I want to make sure the academic side is working when I’m on these visits.

“The location won’t matter as long as my family and friends are able to watch me play

Take On3

Jock Harris is a legitimate senior guard. He’s at least 6 feet 6 feet tall, with long arms and broad shoulders, giving him a drop-able frame to move on. Harris is comfortable on the ball, handling it and creating it in the middle of the field. It’s also a smooth shooter, confidently behind the bow. We’d love to see him raise his firing point on his fly, especially when picking up, but the look and release are fine with this simple mod. Harris is a good athlete, but not too explosive. His IQ and sense of humor allow him to get to where he’s at without bouncing around. He’s a good defender on the team and understands corners and feet at that end of the floor. With his natural structure and skills, there is a very high ceiling for what he can continue to grow into.

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