35 Best Christmas Casseroles – Easy Holiday Casserole Recipes

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The Christmas the season is short (only 25 days!), and the time you have is better spent celebrating with friends and family, rather than hanging out in the kitchen. And yet, dinner must always be on the table. To help you save time to spend on what really matters (like eating ALL those Christmas desserts 😉), we’ve put together this list of Christmas casseroles. They are perfect for unexpected dinner parties, holidays potluckand weekday meals throughout the season.

Pans are the ultimate in comfort food, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be dressed and served to dinner guests this holiday. For those occasions, try our tricolor skillet lasagnaour Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole (with prosciutto breadcrumbs), our Chicken Caprese and Polenta Gratinor our pastiche. Serve them with a few simple veggies (and wine!) for an unforgettable holiday meal.

If you are Looking for something cooler (to serve your siblings, cousins ​​AND their kids, maybe?), you need to check out our Philly Cheesesteak Casserole (use red and green peppers to keep things festive), our chicken pot pieour Chinese doughor our pizza casserole. Bonus: leftovers are perfect for the next day lunches.

As a gift for you, we have also included breakfast pans here. Mornings should be spent going to holiday markets, ice skating or opening presents on the big day, not cooking eggs or pancakes like everyone loves. Instead, do our French toast overnightour all bagel casseroleour casserole of eggs and hash brownsor our chocolate chip pancakes. They save time and a delicious taste so that everyone loves them, especially you.

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