2022 PGA Championship Results, Fast Food: Rory McIlroy, Justin Thomas wow with solid effort at the end

Tulsa, Okla. – Rory McIlroy shot today’s tour With his 65 to open the 2022 PGA Championship, but Justin Thomas followed him up with an effort that was almost impressive. JT signed for 67 though the afternoon wave almost played a stronger shot given the circumstances than when McIlroy and the morning wave played.

Thomas was saying “I bend this course to my will” looking in the eye as he fished the last hole to shoot a 32 on the backside after tying 35 up and down the front. 3 – second nines were almost as good as McIlroy’s 31 on this side of the course; He predicted a potential dream match this weekend between two of the best players of their generation.

“I felt like I managed everything so well,” Thomas told ESPN after the tour. “It was windy in there; it was tough. The greens were so bumpy – it was so hard to trust some of your lines. I felt like I did a good job at it – just sticking, trusting everything I was doing just trying to make the day as easy on myself as possible” .

“I would sign for three more years of 67 if I could,” he added.

Three more Model 67s are almost certain to get the job done this weekend with inclement weather on the way and only three golfers away from Thomas. The next three days is an opportunity that GT hasn’t experienced much during his career. It’s been nearly five years since his big win, and in that time, he’s only had four of the top 10, and fewer real chances at the weekend.

This was mostly true of the man chasing him as well. McIlroy hasn’t won a major in eight years. Somewhat unbelievably, both Phil Mickelson (51, no PGA) and Tiger Woods (46, barely cruising around the Southern Hills) have won more majors lately than Thomas and McIlroy.

They are the two to beat now – Caesars Sportsbook favorite McIlroy has 3-1 and Thomas who is right behind him 7-1 – and they should be in those positions. There was a lot of good golf played Thursday in Tulsa for this year’s second major, but no one was better than McIlroy—and no one was better late than Thomas. If that remains the same on Friday, they will meet this weekend for one of the most anticipated major duels in recent golf history.

Here are eight other ideas from Round One in Southern Hills.

2. Dump Rory Numbers: McIlroy has a bunch of things working in his favour. Here are a bunch of them.

  • Five of the seven major Southern Hills winners have gone into the wires.
  • He was amazing in scoring average in round 2-4 Since 2014. Only Brooks Koepka has been better.
  • this is the first time Drive or co-drive a grand tour Since 2014 (coincidentally, the last time he won, which was also a PGA).
  • He scored no worse than 4 on Thursday.
  • He was among the top 20 off the field in strokes obtained from put on, close up, from tee, to green tee And the A short drive away.

Each number and block indicates one fact: this is his heroism that he will lose.

3. The tiger struggles: My big question after the master was whether the tiger’s health would gradually improve. Thursday was a step back (In a literal and figurative sense, perhaps) as Woods appeared to be in excruciating pain towards the end of his run. The most disturbing part about this pain is that it seems to have surprised even Woods. There was pain he was prepared to feel, but this seemed different – perhaps beyond – what he had budgeted for. This is a problem, and it is hard to imagine it improving in the short term to the point where it can compete. The other part about Tiger Day that was baffling was how many irons he hit on the tee. (He was ranked 139th in driving distance.) Playing partner McIlroy was at times 100 yards ahead of him (!), and Tiger was at a huge disadvantage even for Jordan Spieth, who was also hitting the driver (albeit not quite as much as McIlroy).

4. First Specialization: If his short stroke isn’t enough to beat it, Will Zalatoris – who shot 66 on Thursday and tracks McIlroy with one – will put up an uphill battle that few pros have overcome. It’s rare to get your first win in a major tournament. And while Zalatoris has the confidence and game to do so, he would still be somewhat of a surprise if he stopped McIlroy, Thomas and others for the first win of his career.

5. Cameron Smith Saves His Tour: The 2022 Champion Players had finished after nine holes before cutting five birds in his first seven going home and finding a spot at 2 below the leaderboard. It’s similar to what he did in the first round of the Masters when he doubled my doubles, kept himself in it, and eventually found his way into the final doubles on Sunday. I don’t know this will come for him again, but if it does, it will be because of what he did Thursday morning at the end of his run.

Rick Gehmann and Kyle Porter recap Thursday’s events from Southern Hills. Go ahead and listen to The First Cut on Apple Podcast And the spotify.

6. The Big Name Clash: Brooks Koepka (75), Patrick Cantley (76) and Billy Horschel (75) are all ranked in the world’s top 20, however everyone struggled hard on Thursday. Koepka appears injured, which is unfortunate given his success in the major tournament, but Cantlay and Horschel had good expectations, and all three were defeated by several club pros in the first round.

7. Inconsistent sand: It wouldn’t be the most natural sport if we weren’t talking about the inconsistencies of the grains of sand in the bunkers. Thomas discussed why bunkers at Southern Hills could affect the championship later this week.

“It’s definitely…the most challenging sand I’ve played in just because, first of all, it’s not very consistent”…some of it has no sand in it; Some are fine sand, whatever it is. But when you do, it’s cobbled together, and sometimes you can sort of between the face and the ball and see them wrestle and get off the line. I’m sure you’ve seen by watching the coverage, it’s really hard to get a spin, basically impossible. Some of those hidden shots that are generally too easy or foolproof up and down definitely aren’t the case this week. ”

8. John Daly, 56, teases early: Daly, the 1991 PGA Championship winner, channeled his (much) younger self on Thursday and shook the leaderboard early in the first round, knocking out at 34 and making a pair of sparrows in the ninth lead. In the first set of tees, Daly finished with a respectable 2-over-72 score, which beat the likes of John Ram (world No. 2) and Tiger Woods (Tiger Woods!) while tying the likes of Colin Morikawa (world No. 2). 3) Hideki Matsuyama (World No. 11). And oh, because of course he did, Daly did it in his signature style: shredding cigarettes and smashing McDonald’s and soda into a cart.

9. Low Energy Finish: I went out with the top three players in the world – Ram (+3), Scheffler (+1) and Morikawa (+2) – and the energy around their group wasn’t overwhelming. Part of that was because none of them played well, but it was because the track was almost cleared by fans after Tiger sucked up all the oxygen earlier in the day. They’ll play in front of a more boisterous group on Friday morning, and they can each get back into the mix, although Schaeffler did his best clean-up Thursday to save a tour that could have been significantly delayed. in a day. He lost 2.6 strokes from the tee after finding two hazards but still drove it home in a respectable 71. He also hit a shot on Thursday.

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