19 Classic Ina Garten Recipes That Prove She’s the GOAT

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From roast chicken and meatloaf to herringbone chocolate cake and more!

The may to be someone out there who is not a Ina’s Garden fan—but I haven’t met them. It may be his #1 fan of all time, but can you blame me? The woman is greedy GOALS. From the moment I opened her first cookbook, I was hooked. why people love Ina Garten’s recipes so many? Well for starters, they are comforting, delicious, easy to follow, and everything we want to eat right now. They are also timeless, just like Ina herself. I could go on and on – that’s how big of a fan of Ina I am – but before we continue to poeticize the legend that she is, let’s dive into some of her biggest recipe hits, shall we?

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Ina Garten’s best recipes

Pancetta and peas and the parfait roast chicken at Meatloafhere are 19 Ina Garten’s best recipes all time. Basically all the tried and true old school dishes barefoot countess is so loved. I even included her “all time favorite recipe” (short ribs!) and other cold weather classics (think: comforting soups, homemade croutons and a decadent chocolate cake). What can I say… Ina pulls it off every time and with these winter essentials under your apron belt, you will too.

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<p>Therese Greco</p>
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<p>Barefoot Countess</p>
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<p>Melanie Dunea</p>
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<p>The warm cook</p>
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<p>Courtesy of Ina Garten</p>
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<p>Courtesy of Ina Garten</p>
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<p>Courtesy of Ina Garten</p>
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<p>Courtesy of Ina Garten</p>
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<p>Circle B Ranch</p>
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