15 Easy Brandy Cocktails – Cocktail Recipes With Brandy & Cognac

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When you think of Brandy, do you only think of sipping it neat? Well, it’s time to shake things up (literally) with some long overdue cocktails. The sweet and fruity liqueur is excellent over ice as an incredible night cap after dinnerbut we think it’s even better when used with these iconic brandy-based mixed drinks, like brandy alexanders, sidecarsand Sazerac with cherries.

First of all: what is Brandy In any event? Simply put, brandy is a spirit made by distilling fermented fruit juice (i.e. wine), which are then aged in oak barrels. Brandy is also an umbrella term for a wide variety of liquors that you probably already enjoy, like Cognac (which is strictly made in Cognac, France with white grapes), Pisco, Grappa, Kirschwasser, Ouzo, Applejack and Calvados.

More importantly, how do you use the brandy? Brandy is such a multi-dimensional liquor, and it lends a sweet sweetness (ranging from notes of cherry and apple to anise) to some of our favorites. classic cocktails. Our favorite introduction to brandy is using it as a way to add body to a refreshing drink. Sangria Red and alcoholic decadence Eggnog and Hot wine.

That being said, if you want to make brandy the star, go for it. Our sour pisco the recipe highlights the sweet and earthy Chilean-Peruvian Pisco brandy, and the Calvados (apple brandy) is the key to our favorite Appletini and The Big Apple Manhattans. And if you are looking to update your usual sidecaryou will definitely want to familiarize yourself with our new favorite use of Cognac: this spicy grapefruit sidecar.

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