13 Best Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipes to Sip On Right Now

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Hot chocolate is the perfect drink for cold weather. With winter just around the corner, we’ve got 13 plant-based drinks that will have you wishing winter would last all year.

Before you start whipping and sipping, let’s first dive into everything you need to know about making vegan hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate vs hot cocoa

Although the terms “hot chocolate” and “hot cocoa” are often used interchangeably, the two drinks are not quite the same. Although both impart a sweet dose of chocolate flavor, their base ingredients differ slightly. Hot chocolate, as the name suggests, is made by melting chocolate and combining it with hot water or vegan milk. Hot cocoa, however, is made from cocoa powder.

Given the similar end results, our list of must-have recipes includes both vegan hot chocolate and hot coke recipes.

How to make vegan hot chocolate

There’s nothing better than relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate while watching your favorite vacation movies. Fortunately, hot chocolate and hot cocoa require minimal effort.

Start by finely chopping the vegan chocolate while simmering the vegetable milk. Add the chocolate to your vegetable milk and whisk until it is completely dissolved. If you are making hot chocolate, start by heating vegan milk and stir in cocoa powder once your milk is simmering.

Add your favorite blends for extra flavor (think peppermint extract or pumpkin spice, for example) before topping with mini vegan marshmallows and whipped cream.

Vegan Hot Chocolate Recipes

From exotic and nutty to minty and spiky, this list features more than a dozen ways to make your chocolate dreams come true.

VegNews.MinimalistBakeryMayaDrinkChocolateminimalist baker

1 Mayan Vegan Drinking Chocolate

One taste of this indulgent dessert from Minimalist Baker, and we’re in chocolate heaven. You only need seven ingredients and 15 minutes to create this simple yet sophisticated drink. Decadent dark chocolate is perfectly balanced with Mayan spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne) in what will quickly become your new chocolate obsession.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.RunningwithSpoonsPumpkinHotChocolateRunning with spoons

2 Vegan Pumpkin Hot Chocolate

Creamy vanilla almond milk is the base of Running With Spoons sweet treat (which tastes like fall in a mug). Enriched pumpkin puree combines with maple syrup to create all the flavors you crave for on a beautiful winter day. Cozy up with a blanket and a mug of that cocoa to be whisked back to the pumpkin patch.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.VeganChickpeaHazelnutSpicyHot ChocolateVegan Chickpeas

3 Healthy Hazelnut Spiced Hot Chocolate

Cinnamon and hazelnut essential oils are the secret ingredients in this inventive recipe, but that’s not all that adds to the magical taste of this cup of cocoa, as Vegan Chickpea also blends in two spoonfuls of hazelnut butter for added flavor. deliciously nutty and toasty in every bite.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.ASaucyKitchenGingerbreadHotChocolateA naughty kitchen

4 Vegan Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

This thick, smooth drink from A Saucy Kitchen will satisfy holiday cravings. Full-fat coconut milk creates the same thickness of dairy-based hot chocolate, while fragrant ginger, cinnamon, allspice and vanilla add flavors reminiscent of the holiday season. Make a batch of vegan gingerbread cookies to soak, and we are ready to decorate the hallways.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.BloodOrangeHotChocolateThe almond eater

5 Blood Orange Hot Chocolate

If you’re looking for a new (and different) way to enjoy hot chocolate, this tangy version from The Almond Eater is the answer. Freshly squeezed blood orange juice and grated orange zest are blended with traditional hot cocoa ingredients for a vibrant hot drink that will keep you going. Even better? This fun and unique recipe is ready in just 10 minutes and is made with just six ingredients.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.DarnGoodVeggiesRedVelvetHotChocolateDamn good vegetables

6 Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Darn Good Veggies has a surprise antioxidant-rich ingredient in this cocoa recipe: beetroot powder! Our favorite red vegetable adds an earthy, rich taste to this drink that pairs beautifully with the other ingredients. Cocoa powder adds chocolate flavor and more antioxidants, while Medjool dates add natural sweetness. Long live sweet health in a glass!
Get the recipe here

VegNews.RabbitandWolvesSmoresDrinkChocolateRabbit and wolves

seven Vegan S’mores Hot Chocolate Drink

This drinking chocolate is packed with all the flavors of your favorite campfire treat. The luscious chocolate is flavored with everything you taste in a golden graham cracker (cinnamon, brown sugar, molasses and vanilla). The bunny and wolves then top the scorching cocoa cup with toasted vegan marshmallows for a classic twist on a favorite campfire.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.HeartofaBakerCoconutChocolate2baker’s heart

8 Creamy Coconut Vegan Hot Chocolate

Heart of a Baker uses a blender to make this velvety cup of cocoa (it also has a stovetop alternative.) Chopped dark chocolate and shredded coconut are blended with coconut milk in a high-powered blender until smooth. until they are hot. For even more flavor, top with shredded coconut for a perfect, smooth-tasting cup of hot chocolate.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.RhiansRecipesWineRedHot ChocolateRhian’s Recipes

9 Red Wine Vegan Hot Chocolate

Kick up your hot chocolate with a glass (or two!) of red wine. Surprisingly, the fruity aroma of red wine perfectly complements the rich, earthy flavor of dark chocolate. Rhian’s Recipes recommends using almond or cashew milk for the best dairy-free substitute in this recipe.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.LaurenCarisCooksPeppermintHotChocolateLauren Caris cooks

ten Peppermint Vegan Hot Chocolate

Mint + chocolate = a dreamy hot chocolate pairing. In this recipe from Lauren Caris Cooks, peppermint extract adds refreshing notes to frothy almond milk enrobed in dark chocolate. Top with coconut whipped cream for a classic hot chocolate.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.TheHungryHerbivoresCoffeeMexicanDrinkChocolatehungry herbivores

11 Mexican Coffee Drink Chocolate

This stimulating drink from The Hungry Herbivores is like a mocha, only better! Combine your favorite dark chocolate and strong brewed coffee for a breakfast drink you’ll want to indulge in all morning.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.LoveandLemonsMatchaWhiteChocolateLove & Lemons

12 Matcha White Hot Chocolate

For a sophisticated adult version of the classic cup of hot chocolate, try Love & Lemons’ beautiful and bright recipe with popular matcha tea powder. Start by whisking together the almond milk and vegan white chocolate, then add the matcha for a comforting, delicious and visually stunning drink.
Get the recipe here

VegNews.HealthySlowCookingHotWhiteChocolateHealthy slow cooking

13 Hot white chocolate

This thick, rich cocoa from Healthy Slow Cooking is made with homemade dairy-free milk and is sweetened naturally with dates before the cocoa butter and vanilla beans – scraped directly from the pod – are incorporated. Trust us – this silky drink is irresistible.
Get the recipe here

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