10 of the best Genjutsu abilities in Naruto

Genjutsu is one of the main jutsu schools in Naruto And the Naruto Shippuden. By utilizing their chakra, a Genjutsu user can create sensory illusions for their targets to fall victim to. Although these fantasies are not physically real, their impact and the resulting traumas are no laughing matter.

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In a world bound by shinobi laws, a ninja’s mind is just as basic as his body on the battlefield. Genjutsu targets the mind to produce false images, and the realistic consequences of these visions are as deadly as the most powerful Rasenshuriken. Paralysis, loss of consciousness, and inability to fight are just some of the many consequences that result from the use of genjutsu.

10 Satanic Illusion: False Ocean Provides the Perfect Guerrilla Tactic

The Demonic Illusion: False Surroundings creates an illusion over a site, making it look completely different. Depending on the level of chakra used and proficiency with genjutsu, this technique can be used widely enough to conceal structures or entire landscapes.

This technique is especially useful in the shinobi arsenal. By camouflaging an area to appear empty, targets are inadvertently lured into traps while allies are hidden from view. Its secondary technology, the false double periphery, can also be used to place another illusion within the illusion; Even if the enemy realizes they are in genjutsu, they find themselves trapped in another when the first technique is released.

9 Satanic Delusion: Seeing Hell Forces Victims to Face Their Worst Fears

Demonic Delusion: Watching Hell is a genjutsu that preys on the target’s deepest fears; After being surrounded by foliage, the target witnesses fake images based on what they fear most. The more gruesome the image, the greater the mental damage to the target.

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The technology’s ability to search in the heart of its target for their deepest fears and then manifest them to them makes the Devilish Illusion: Hell watching a deadly genjutsu. Its versatility is endless, as it can be used to distract an opponent from a frontal attack. It also causes severe psychological trauma and results in fainting, a lethal combination when facing enemy ninjas.

8 The Tree-bound Swallow kills opponents using Genjutsu and Taijutsu

The tree-binding technique of the Flying Swallow traps an opponent within a genjutsu by tying it to a tree; Next, another shinobi use Chakra Blades to dismember their bodies while their minds are occupied. This technique was developed by Kurenai Yuhi and Asuma Sarutobi and used against Kisame Hoshigake during Akatsuki’s debut in Konohagakure.

This cooperative technique is especially powerful due to Kurenai’s mastery of jujutsu of plants and animals. Reflecting the Hashirama Senju wood’s pattern, the target is left tied and tangled up against a tree. As she struggles to break the Kurenai genjutsu, the target can be effectively interrogated or eliminated through Asuma’s surprise attack.

7 Demonic Illusion: Toad Confrontation Hymns automatically stamps anyone who hears it

The Demon Illusion: Frog Encounter Hymns is the auditory genjutsu sung by the frogs of Mt. Myoboku. Due to the complexity of the song, only Two Great Toad Sages can play it; Any opponents they hear, regardless of their number or level of strength, fall under the influence of genjutsu.

Once inside, the target is frozen inside a water barrier constructed by four samurai frogs. Now, the victim and the user, after being locked out, can interact and communicate, making this genjutsu great for interrogation. The user gains complete control over their victim upon hearing the song, as this technique can only be triggered based on the user’s word or when the frogs thrust their stone swords into the heart of the target and kill them.

6 Orochimaru’s killing intent is so strong that it creates visions of death

Killing Intent explains a phenomenon when the user exudes pure killing intent to affect all enemies in the surrounding area. And the victims, paralyzed by fear, are unable to move or speak despite knowing they are about to be killed. The intent to kill is so strong that the victims are shocked after seeing their own death.

Although not technically a genjutsu, the Killing Intent forces its victim to experience false illusions under the pretense that they are real. Sakura and Sasuke thought their deaths were inevitable after trying this technique in the Forest of Death. However, Orochimaru failed to kill either of them despite this supposed assumption. Since it affects the target’s mind and makes it vulnerable to enemy shinobi, killing intent makes one’s body easy prey while the mind is occupied.

5 Dojutsu Itachi: Strong calm makes its victims completely unconscious

As the most formidable user of Genjutsu in the shinobi world, Itachi Uchiha uses many powerful mental tricks against his opponents. Dojutsu: The powerful calm absorbs his enemies into an illusory realm as he disappears; Unable to escape, the victim helplessly watches as the black hole swallows everything in sight, including them.

A product of Itachi’s Tsukuyomi, Powerful Calm is unbreakable even by those who know they are into genjutsu. They are left vulnerable to trauma and physical attack as vision progresses. When the jutsu consumes their bodies, their victim is left completely unconscious in the real world, ready to be caught.

4 Tayuya Demon Flute: The Three Subordinates’ Melody is Naruto’s deadliest auditory genjutsu

Tayuya uses sound waves with her demonic flute to trap enemies within long and short range genjutsu. Subject to visions of freezing and thawing limbs, most victims lose consciousness due to Tayuya’s pathological visions. Tayuya then employs three subordinates Melody to lead the doki tree, attacking her enemy’s physical body while their mind is trapped in her song.

Tayuya’s vocal attack works randomly, allowing her to cast the word genjutsu without knowing the location of her opponent. Through a complex and indistinguishable melody, her song controls three giants capable of eliminating multiple opponents; As long as she hides the movement of her fingers, the Demonic Flute: the tune of the Three Subordinates, cannot be stopped.

3 The Kabuto method of Nirvana puts hundreds of people to sleep instantly

Nirvana Genjutsu causes everyone in the area to witness feathers falling from the sky. If enough falls, everyone who is under the influence of the genjutsu falls into an unfathomable sleep. Kabuto used this technique to put hundreds of people to sleep at once during the Chunin Exams, and they did not wake up despite the war being waged in Konoha.

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The strength of Nirvana Temple lies in its ability to affect a myriad of unwary targets. In the shinobi world, unconsciousness is a fatal state of existence, in which a single fireball jutsu can wipe out hundreds of sleeping opponents. Jutsu must be dissipated individually, leaving anyone unable to control the chakra open to attack.

2 The Art of Ninja: The Watchtower of the Infinite Sea dries up the victims trapped in it

The Art of Ninja: The Indefinite Sea Watchtower creates a genjutsu mist that drains moisture from the surrounding organisms. All those trapped inside are subjected to powerful delusions, the longer they stay, the more open they are to attacks like Silent Killing Jutsu.

The nature of this genjutsu is lethal because the mist condenses as moisture is absorbed from the target. Long periods cause victims to become dehydrated before they are drained of fluids to dry them out. The user needs to use the jutsu and escape technique to be 100% effective, because the only way to break the infinity watchtower is to make the user unconscious.

1 Kotoamatsukami is the world’s only unrecognizable and unbreakable genjutsu

The Uchiha Sharingan allowed them to become the world’s most famous practitioner of Genjutsu. Upon awakening the Manekyo Sharingan, Shisui Uchiha gained Kotoamatsukami: This powerful and precise form of mind control worked on anything within Shisui’s line of sight, required no hand seals or external signs for use, and was undetectable from his victim.

Kotoamatsukami is like brainwashing where its user manipulates victims by fabricating false experiences to make decisions according to the user’s will. It is the highest form of genjutsu as their victim never realizes that they are under genjutsu, but believes that they have complete control. Danzo used Kotoamatsukami to control Konohagakure while Itachi used him to break the laws of Reanimation Jutsu to save the shinobi world.

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